Fantastic Fly Fishing Reel – Sage 4600 Series [review]

Material: Aerospace grade aluminum
Backing capacity: 75 yards (4/5 wt), 100 yards (5/6wt, 6/7wt), 200 yards (8/9wt)
Diameter: 3.75 in (4/5wt), 3.9 in (5/6wt), 4.01 in (6/7wt), 4.3 in (8/9wt)
Left and right handed operation: Yes
Claimed weight: 4.5 oz (4/5wt), 4.75 oz (5/6wt), 5 oz (6/7wt), 5.5 oz (8/9wt)
Recommended use: Fly fishing


Fly Fishing Reels Sage 4600

The Sage large arbor 4600 series fly fishing reel

Larger arbor design to ensure there’s no “one that got away”.

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The all new 4600 Series has everything people have come to expect from the Sage name, and a little more. The special large arbor design of this fly fishing reel allows for faster line retrieval, more consistent drag, maximum line capacity as well as reduced coiling. The aerospace grade aluminum offers endless hours of smooth, problem free use, and the large arbor design means that fighting a hooked fish has never been more intense.

The 4600 Series from Sage offers the following additional features:

  • SCS Micro Cassette drag design uses a 3:1 gear drag ratio, offering the same performance as a traditional centered disc drag system, but in a much smaller, more lightweight package.
  • Adjustable drag system for consistently high performance in a range of conditions.
  • Concave inner arbor design allows for greater line and backing capacity.

What’s more, the 4600 Series comes with a range of features that makes it that much easier and more pleasurable to use. Here are just a few of the things you can enjoy when you use this reel:

  • Self-lubricating drive gears and sealed carbon fiber drag washers mean that the reel isn’t affected by sand, being dunked in the water, or long term use over time.
  • Cleverly designed grooved frame allows you to secure the line when you’re not casting.
  • Although set for left-handed retrieve, it can easily be converted to a right handed retrieve if necessary.
  • Ballistic cloth and neoprene case are included to make cleaning and transport a breeze.
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty from Sage, providing you with ultimate peace of mind.

Pros: The large arbor design of this fly fishing reel is definitely a draw card, allowing line to be picked up quickly, and making fights with larger fish more exciting. However, unlike many large arbor reels, this reel is incredibly lightweight, which is often not a feature of this style of reel, and makes the 4600 Series easier to manage and gives it a uniquely slick action.

Cons: On some smaller rigs, with 4- and 5- weight lines, the reel can look and feel over-sized, particularly if used on smaller bodies of water, or when fishing for smaller fish.


Fly Fishing Reel – Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reels – Sage 4600 Fly Fishing Reel

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