Finding the best fly fishing in Utah

fly fishing on the provo river Utah
Photo Credit: Eric Ward

Utah is a state that is well known for its abundance of action, adventure and exciting outdoor activities. The adrenaline junkie can choose between rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and so much more, and for a more relaxed experience there is also some great fly fishing on offer throughout the state. There is a great range of different fly fishing options available throughout Utah, with something to appeal to each and every angler. No matter what you’re looking for in your fly fishing adventure, it can be found in Utah. Here are some of the best spots on offer throughout the state.

Provo River

The Provo River, located just outside the city of Provo, is a premier blue ribbon trout fishery with fantastically sized brown and rainbow trout on offer. Not only are these pristine waters home to some incredibly large fish, but the numbers of fish on offer are also remarkable – some stretches of the Provo offer over 3000 trout per mile! The Provo River originates high in the Uinta Mountains, and is divided into distinct upper, middle and lower sections that are separated by reservoirs. The largest is the Upper Provo, but generally speaking, fantastic fishing can be found on any stretch of this beautiful, scenic river. As parts of the river are accessible only through private property, you may find it worthwhile to invest in a local fly fishing guide who can show you the best (and if you’re lucky, secret) stretches of the Provo River.

Logan River

The Logan River offers some of the best fly fishing in Utah’s Intermountain Region. Located northeast of Logan, the river is easily accessible from Highway 89 and has around 30 miles of great fishing that’s easily accessible and incredibly scenic. The lower Logan is associated with three impoundments, referred to simply as the First, Second and Third dams. This stretch of the river and the impoundments are home to some nice (and sometimes seriously large) brown trout, and the dams themselves are stocked in the summertime with rainbows, making the Logan a great place for a family fly fishing adventure with the kids. The higher stretches of the river are more like a typical wild trout stream, with healthy, wild populations of brown and cutthroat trout on offer.

Green River

Located in north eastern Utah and crossing the border into Wyoming, Green River offers some spectacularly wild fly fishing to any visiting angler. The Utah stretch of the river, located downstream of Flaming Gorge, is a world-renowned fly fishing destination with exceptionally clear, emerald green waters and an abundance of hungry brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout. This spectacular river flows through a steep walled, majestic canyon, making for some seriously memorable fly fishing. However, this also means that access to the river can be difficult, and is really only available in three locations – just downstream of the dam, Little Hole and Browns Park. Each of these locations is easy to drive to and wade, or you can float the river in a drift boat or raft. Catch and release is strongly encouraged on the Green River.

Fishlake National Forest (and Seven-Mile Creek)

Located in south central Utah, Fishlake National Forest can provide the fly angler with everything its name suggests. These mountains and plateaus rise as a green oasis inside central Utah, and are located above the junction of I-15 and I-70. In terms of fly fishing, Fishlake has many acres of lakes and reservoirs, and even a boating site for those wanting to venture into deeper waters. Brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout are all on offer throughout the national forest, and in great numbers, too. Located just outside the national forest is Seven-Mile Creek, which also offers some spectacular trout fishing where an abundance of quality, hard-fighting browns and rainbows can be found.

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