Greys GX300 Fly Fishing Reel [review]

Material: High grade aluminum
Backing capacity: WF5 + 70m/WF6 + 50m (#4/5/6), DT6 + 70m/DT7 + 50m/WF7 + 92m/WF8 + 83m (#6/7/8)
Diameter: 3.625in
Left and right handed use: Yes
Claimed weight: 5.96-5.99 oz
Recommended use: Freshwater fly fishing


Greys GX300 Fly Fishing Reel

Greys GX300 Fly Fishing Reel

Greys GX300 Fly Fishing Reel

An entry level/budget reel with a difference.

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If you’re looking for an entry level, affordable fly fishing reel that will still provide good results, the Greys GX300 reel may be just what you need. This reel is durable, lightweight and smooth, and is perfect if you’re in need of a fly fishing reel to travel with or if you’re new to the game. Although affordable, the GX300 does have a lot to offer, including the following:

  • Large arbor design for a fast, level retrieve, and ported to reduce weight
  • Full aluminum construction for strength and durability
  • Tri-grip handle design and counter-balanced spool
  • Centralized twin Rulon disc drag system with twin dog drive for increased performance
  • Captive spool release mechanism that makes swapping spools a breeze

Greys GX300 Fly Fishing ReelWhat’s more, this reel can easily be switched from right to left handed operation without the use of any tools, and also comes with a cloth bag to keep the reel safe and secure during transportation. This is certainly a lightweight reel you can travel with that will be a great addition to your every fly fishing adventure. The reel is also covered by a lifetime warranty against material or manufacturing defects, providing you with all the peace of mind you need to be able to carry on fishing without a care in the world.

Pros: The main draw cards of this reel are that it is lightweight but durable. This makes it easy to cast, easy to travel with, and easy to enjoy using. The metal construction means that you won’t have to worry about it breaking if it’s dropped or hit against something. And of course, there’s the other major pro of this reel in that it’s oh-so-affordable.

Cons: Unfortunately, this reel is not recommended for saltwater use, so if that was your intention you may have to keep shopping. It’s also not as quiet as some of the other reels that are currently available, with a slight clicking noise being noted by some users.


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