Sage 6000 Spey Fly Fishing Reel [review]

Material: Aluminum
Backing capacity: 200 yards/20 lb (7/8 wt), 200 yards/30 lb (9/10wt), 300 yards/30 lb (11/12wt)
Diameter: 4 in (7/8wt), 4.25 in (9/10wt), 4.625 in (11/12wt)
Drag system: Carbon fiber, stainless steel
Claimed weight: 7.6-9.4 oz
Recommended use: Fly fishing


Sage 6000 Spey Fly Fishing Reel

Sage 6000 Spey Fly Reel

Top of the range, unbeatable quality from Sage.

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Sage is already the top of the line when it comes to fly fishing reels, so it’s acceptable to think of the top of the range reel from Sage as the crème de la crème of fly reels. When it comes to the 6000 Spey reels from Sage, this is definitely an accurate description. Never will you have felt such smooth resistance, lightweight handling, and heat shedding properties. Basically, you’ll want to use this reel day and night for the rest of your life. The 6000 Series Spey fly reel embraces the following features:

  • Sealed carbon system (SCS) drag design that provides you with more line feel and the ability to cast for long periods of time without tiring.
  • Cassette is entirely sealed, making it resistant to water, sand, grit, and just about anything else that might cause problems in a reel of lesser quality. The most maintenance this reel requires is a light rinse after use.
  • Cleverly designed quick-spool mechanism allows you to switch out lines rapidly.

What’s more, the reel comes with a range of additional features that make it so simple and straightforward to use, allowing you to focus on the fishing. These features include:

  • A single rotation drag knob with numbered settings allowing you to adjust the tension to your preferred level at ease.
  • An easy conversion from left to right handed retrieve.
  • Neoprene reel case and ballistic cloth to ensure safety of reel during transport and travel.
  • Peace of mind provided by Sage’s lifetime, original owner warranty.

Pros: This is the vintage, absolute top shelf model of fly reels. If you’ve been using a mid-range or even good quality reel previously, you will substantially notice the difference in quality by shifting to the 6000 Series. If you can justify the price tag, this reel is a seriously good investment.

Cons: This is a heavy duty reel, and may be overkill for the type of fly fishing that many anglers are experiencing, particularly those who stick to fresh water. This really is a reel aimed at game fishing, to ensure you have the strength and power to handle any fish you hook.

Owner’s manual: For more information about the 6000 Spey Series from Sage, check out the owner’s manual here:



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