Fly Tying Tutorial – The San Juan Worm (tequila not included)

I found this video tutorial on fly tying a san juan worm a while ago and I love it. It is from In The Riffle’s Youtube page. The video is quick but he shows you how to tie the perfect san juan worm. It is worth a watch. I think he does a great job explaining the fly and you will only need to watch the video once to get the hang of it.

Quick notes so you can watch the video with out having to write down what he is using:

Tying the perfect San Juan Worm

Hook: 10-18 Scud

Thread: 8/0 Uni Thread (same color as the body chenille color is preferable.)

Body: Ultra Chenille- (sizing: up to you really)

Please feel free to change the recipe up and create your own. We would love for you to send us an email and share the photos or video of your custom fly.
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