Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Fishing Rod – 4 Piece [review]

Material: Premium-grade cork (handle), carbon fiber (rod)
Length: 6 ft, 7 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft (#2), 6 ft 6 in, 7 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft, 11 ft (#3), 7 ft 6 in, 8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft, 11 ft (#4), 8 ft 6 in, 10 ft (#5), 8 ft 6 in, 9 ft (#6)
Rod weight: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Handle: Reverse half wells (RHW), Full wells with extension handle (RHW + EH)
Reel seats: 6061 alloy
Weight: 6 ft: 2.11 oz; 6 ft 6 in: 2.18-2.43 oz; 7 ft: 2.43 oz; 7 ft 6 in: 2.46 oz; 8 ft: 2.75 oz; 8 ft 6 in: 2.85 oz; 9 ft: 2.92-3.2 oz; 10 ft: 3.17-3.31 oz; 11 ft: 3.38-4.45 oz


Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod – 4 Piece

Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod – 4 Piece

Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod – 4 Piece

For optimal success on the river.

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Sometimes, you can tell a rod is capable of good things as soon as you wrap your hands around it. This is certainly the case with the XF2 Streamflex flyrod series from Greys. This four-piece fly rod is capable of everything from afternoon nymphing in your favorite river to early morning dry fly casting on a pristine lake. If you’re new to the complex world of fly fishing, this rod will help ensure your casting mistakes are forgiven, and if you’re a seasoned fly angler you will be amazed by the precision and power provided by the XF2 Streamflex. Wherever you sit on the skill spectrum, this rod has something to offer.

  • High modulus carbon construction provides an extremely lightweight construction with a calculated amount of flex and a quick action
  • High grade cork and composite handle is smooth to grasp and ensures the reel is perfectly balanced
  • Reel is firmly locked in place with twin reel seat locking nuts and classy anodized aluminum reel seat with maple burl spacers
  • Handle of Reverse Half Wells model has a larger front end, making it perfect for those with larger hands

Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly Rod – 4 PieceAccording to Greys, they have redesigned the original Streamflex with redesigned blanks and custom fittings, while maintaining and improving the trademark smoothness and in-hand balance. This fly fishing rod certainly isn’t lacking in finesse, power or precision.

  • Easily assemble rod in just a few seconds with section line-up marks
  • Triangular Cordura rod tube for safety during storage and transport
  • Lifetime warranty courtesy of Greys

Pros: For many users, one advantage of this rod is its versatility. By purchasing just the XF2 Streamflex, you suddenly have a rod that you can use for everything from nymph fishing on small creeks to chasing trophy rainbows in big rivers.

Cons: Some reviewers do note that this rod can be somewhat stiff, and on occasion it may be possible to pull hooks out when striking.

User manual: Care information and operation guides for the XF2 Streamflex can be found on the Greys website:



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