Hardy Ultralite DD Fly Fishing Reel [review]

Material: 6061 aluminum
Backing capacity: DT4 + 70m/DT5 + 50m/WF5 + 75m/WF6 + 55m (4000), DT5 + 75m/DT6 + 55m/WF6 + 80m/WF7 + 75m (5000), DT6 + 80m/DT7 + 62m/WF7 + 100m/WF8 + 95m (6000), DT7 + 100m/DT8 + 50m/WF8 + 115m/WF9 + 100m (7000), DT8 + 130m/WF8 + 200m/WF9 + 150m (8000), DT9 & WF9 + 190m (9000), DT10 & WF10/240m (10000).
Diameter: 3.74 in (4000) – 5.05 in (10000)
Fly line weight: 4/5/6 wt (4000) – 10 wt (10000)
Recommended use: Fly fishing
Claimed weight: 4.83 oz (4000) – 9.66 oz (10000)


Hardy Ultralite DD Fly Fishing Reel

Hardy Ultralite DD Fly Fishing Reel

Hardy Ultralite DD Fly Fishing Reel

A high performance large arbor reel that offers quality beyond its cost

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There’s no doubt about it – this reel is incredibly pretty. Hardy have taken their legendary strength and infused it into a large arbor, lightweight fly fishing reel that is great to look at and even better to use. This aircraft grade aluminum reel has little drag time in the upstart of the reel, and an exceptionally smooth feel that will make you want to keep fishing all day long.

As with all Hardy products, the Ultralite DD has been incredibly carefully thought out, and offers a number of fantastic design features:

  • Reel back-up is screwed through the frame for maximum strength and security
  • Wide ranging, highly advanced fibre composite drag system allowing you to adjust the drag from pretty much zero to pretty much a million
  • Ultra large arbor, narrow width spool design for optimal performance and the ability to quickly reel in line
  • Quick release captive spool system

Hardy Ultralite DD Fly Fishing ReelWhat’s more, the Ultralite DD series is easy to use and maintain, thanks to the following additional features:

  • Easy, tool-less switch between left and right handed operation
  • Sealed composite drag system offers reliability and basically zero maintenance
  • Scratch resistant anodized components fight daily wear and tear and prevent corrosion – perfect for the saltwater angler
  • Neoprene pouch provided for safety during storage and transportation
  • Covered by Hardy’s original owner, unconditional lifetime guarantee for peace of mind


Pros: The lightweight design of this reel makes it perfectly suited to the more lightweight fly rods that are becoming more and more popular in today’s market. What’s more, Hardy has managed to create an exceptionally lightweight reel that doesn’t compromise on strength, durability, power or performance. What more could you want?!

Cons: The only minor drawback of this reel (and it is minor) appears to be that some users believe the anodized finish on the reel is too bright, and may actually scare fish if used in bright sunlight. However, this could simply be an excuse for a tough day on the river…

User manual: The user manual for the Hardy Ultralite DD series can be downloaded here http://fly.hardyfishing.com/cache/files/9629-1317717214/HardyUltraliteDDInstructionLeaflet.pdf


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hardy-ultralite-dd-fly-fishing-reel-reviewRatings: Based on customer reviews, this reel generally has an overall rating of between four and five stars. <br>Reviews: User reviews and testimonials of the Hardy Ultralite DD fly reel all agree that this reel offers fantastic value for money and extremely high performance. Videos, reviews and testimonials can all be found on the Hardy website here: http://fly.hardyfishing.com/en-us/products/reels/performance-reels/ultralite-disc-drag/ <br><br> <br> <a href='http://flyfishforfun.com/recommends/HardyUltraliteDD' target='_blank'>Third Party Review from Back Country</a> <br> <a href='https://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/hardy-ultralite-dd-review' target='_blank'>Third Party Review from yellowstoneangler.com</a>