The Waterworks-Lamson Konic II Fly Fishing Reel [review]

Material: Pressure cast aluminum and stainless steel
Backing capacity: (1.5) 100 yards 12 lb, (2) 100 yards 20 lb, (3.5) 200 yards 20 lb, (4) 240 yards 30 lb
Diameter: (1.5) 3 in, (2) 3.4 in, (3.5) 3.7 in, (4) 3.9 in
Left and right handed operation: Yes
Claimed weight: (1.5) 4.4 oz, (2) 4.7 oz, (3.5) 6.1 oz, (4) 6.8 oz
Fly line weight: (1.5) 4 WF, (2) 6 WF, (3) 7 WF, (3.5) 8 WF, (4) 10 WF


Lamson Konic II Fly Fishing Reel

Lamson Konic II

An extremely affordable reel with all of Lamson’s quality? Yes please!

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If you’re looking for a reel to get you hooked on fly fishing, look no further than the Waterworks-Lamson Konic II. This fly fishing reel provides everything the beginner needs – it is forgiving of your mistakes, it is tough and durable, but also smooth and easy to fall in love with, and importantly, it won’t break the bank. Whether you are looking for your first reel or a lightweight alternative that won’t let you down, the Konic II offers exceptional quality for its price tag.

  • Machined components and pressure cast ALDC12 aluminum alloy spool and frame offers super smooth drag with spring tension for variable rates
  • Large arbor design for fast retrieve rate and elimination of line memory
  • Anodized finish and solid polyurethane coating to protect against grit, sand and corrosion
  • Torrington zero-lash roller clutch designed to achieve maximum torque transmission

Waterworks-Lamson have used their name and reputation to ensure that the quality of their reels is indeed passed down to this more affordable model. When you purchase the Konic II, you can enjoy these additional features:

  • No maintenance required other than a light rinse after use
  • Lifetime original owner warranty from Waterworks-Lamson, offering peace of mind with every use
  • Neoprene case for safe storage and transport

Pros: Ultimately, what draws buyers to this reel is its fantastic affordability. This is a reel suitable for those on a budget, but it provides the smooth, sleek feeling that the more expensive Waterworks-Lamson reels have, and has incorporated Waterworks-Lamson design features to make the Konic II one of the best quality budget reels currently available.

Cons: Based on customer reviews, it is noted that some users believe the drag is somewhat tighter than it needs to be, particularly on the smaller, lighter models (such as the 1.5) when they are being used with a lightweight (4/5wt) rod.

Owner’s Manual: Everything you could ever need to know about the Konic II can be found on the Waterworks-Lamson website. Visit for an instructional video, for maintenance information and for the technical details of the reel.



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lamson-konic-ii-fly-fishing-reel-review<b>Ratings:</b> Overall ratings for the Konic II generally come in between four and five star, but within its price range this reel usually receives a five star rating.<br><br> <b>Reviews:</b> There are numerous, comprehensive reviews of this fly reel, all of which discuss in great detail the ins and outs of this reel. Reviews of the Konic II can be found at the following sites: <br><br> <br> <a href='' target='_blank'>Third Party Review from Back Country</a> <br> <a href='' target='_blank'>Third Party Review from</a>