Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod [Review]

Material: Aluminum (reel seat), chrome (snake guides), cork and rubber (saltwater models)
Length: (#4) 8 ft 6 in, 9 ft, (#5) 8 ft 6 in, 9 ft, (#6) 9 ft, 9 ft 6 in, (#7) 9 ft, (#8) 9 ft, (#9) 9 ft, (#10) 9 ft, (#12) 9 ft
Rod weight: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
Handle: Reverse half wells/full wells with fighting butt
Reel seats: Up-locking
Claimed weight: [8ft 6in] (#4) 3.125 oz, (#5) 3 oz, [9ft] (#4, #5) 3.25 oz, (#6, #7, #9) 3.625 oz, (#8, #10) 3.75 oz, (#12) 4.375 oz, [9ft 6in] (#6) 3.75 oz




Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod – 4 Piece

Among the best all-round rods on the market

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Thought you’d never find an affordable rod with all the features and quality of a much more expensive series? Think again. When it comes to the Clearwater series from Orvis, this is exactly what has been achieved. This rod casts with power and accuracy, and has a lightweight feel, ensuring you can cast all day without tiring.

  • Available in multiple line weights designed to cover any freshwater fly fishing scenario
  • Aluminum reel seat for strength and durability, ensuring your reel stays firmly in place
  • Helios technology for optimal performance
  • Aesthetically pleasing emerald green graphite blank, matched with silver tipped dark olive wraps and chrome snake guides
  • Cork and rubber fighting butt on saltwater models to ensure longevity
  • Four piece design allows for easy transport and storage
  • Complimentary green Cordura tube with internal segments and carry handle included

Orvis ClearwaterAs well as offering all of the above features for a more than reasonable price, the Clearwater series also comes with a 25 year warranty from Orvis, providing you with the best possible peace of mind while you’re out on the water.

Pros: When it comes down to it, this rod has a lot of great features and operates very smoothly. Ultimately, however, it is the fact that all of this can be achieved for such a reasonable price, making the price tag the ultimate advantage of the Clearwater series.

Cons: Some users have noted that this rod does not have an eye located just above the cork handle, which you would normally use to loop the hook of your fly into when you are not using the rod. This lack of eye means that flies instead have to be pushed into the cork handle of the rod.


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orvis-clearwater-fly-rod-reviewRatings: The Clearwater fly rod series from Orvis generally receives 4 to 4.5 star overall ratings from users. <br>Reviews: Reviews of the Orvis Clearwater fly rod can be found at the following sites: <br><br> <br> <a href='http://flyfishforfun.com/recommends/OrvisClearwaterFlyRod4Piece' target='_blank'>Third Party Review from Fish West</a> <br> <a href='http://www.avantlink.com/click.php?tt=cl&mi=10060&pw=159859&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.backcountry.com%2Forvis-clearwater-fly-rod-4-piece%3Fti%3DU2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM6b3J2aXMgY2xlYXJ3YXRlcjoxOjE6b3J2aXMgY2xlYXJ3YXRlcg%26skid%3DORV0003-S4WEHAA-S9FT' target='_blank'>Third Party Review from Back Country</a>