Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod – 4 piece Review

Material: [blank] ESP technology, [guides] REC Recoil, [grip] super-grade cork
Length: [4, 5wt] 8 ft 6 in, [6 – 11wt] 9 ft
Action: Mid flex, tip flex
Rod weight: 4 – 11
Reel seats: Freshwater: REC California buckeye burl; Saltwater: REC woven graphite
Claimed weight: [4wt] 2.3 oz, [5wt] 2.25 oz, [6wt] (handle A) 2.6 oz, [6wt] (handle B) 3 oz, [7wt] 3.5 oz, [8wt] 3.5 oz, [9wt] 3.75 oz, [10wt] 3.9 oz, [11wt] 4.75 oz


Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod

Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod – 4 piece

One for the hardcore fans.

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Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod3Many devoted Orvis fans couldn’t understand why the company would possibly want to redesign or modify one of its most popular and successful rods, the Helios. However, once they have had the opportunity to try out the new and improved Helios 2 for themselves, it all becomes so much clearer – the updated version is lighter, stronger, and just generally better. The Helios 2 is made right here in the USA, and available in both salt and freshwater designs. If you’re looking for a new, lightweight rod with all the bells and whistles and more modern technology than a spaceship, don’t look past the Helios 2.

  • All new taper design, fine tuned to allow unrivaled tracking, accuracy and additional lifting power
  • Specifically available in both freshwater and saltwater forms
  • ESP technology for increased impact strength, increased dampening and reduced swing weight
  • Super grade cork handles for increased comfort and improved handling
  • Crushproof REC Recoil guides, REC California buckeye burl freshwater reel seats and REC woven graphite saltwater reel seats
  • UV inhibiting paint coating for prolonged life and to ensure your rod looks great for years to come

Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod4The team at Orvis understands that each fly angler has unique requirements, and for this reason the Helios 2 is designed with both a mid flex and flex tip option, depending on your personal action preferences. It is this customization that makes the Helios 2 the perfect choice for anyone who is serious about buying a fly rod that can’t be beaten on quality and can do exactly what they need it to. Plus, it comes with a 25 year manufacturer warranty from Orvis.

Pros: One of the best features of this rod is the sheer quality that it provides. By being specifically designed for saltwater or freshwater use, and having different tips to suit a range of actions, the Helios 2 offers quality and technology that simply can’t be matched by other rods.

Cons: It’s fair to say that the Helios 2 comes with a fairly hefty price tag attached.



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