Top 5 Woolly Bugger fly fishing patterns and how to tie them

There is no better pattern in this world than a well tied woolly bugger. Whew… There I said it. I might catch some flack for this declaration but I do not care. I love woolly buggers. I love tying them, I love fishing them, I love how they move in the water gracefully and lure a beautiful rainbow or brown in to steal a taste. I know that every fly fisherman has a go-to fly that they will pull out in a tough spot and mine is a woolly bugger. It makes me smile when I go to visit a different part of the country and chat with a local and they tell me the secret is to “wander down the stream around the bend and drop a black (or sometimes olive) woolly bugger in and let it work.”

In the spirit of admiration for my favorite fly pattern. I want to share the top 5 videos that I have found that helped me learn how to tie the wooly bugger fly pattern.


1. Tying an Olive Woolly Bugger Fly

Youtube Video by: tightlinevideo

Original Recipe:

Hook: Dai-Riki #700 Size 10
Bead: Cyclops Wapsi 5/32 Gold Bead
Thread: UTC Brown Olive 140
Body: Lead wire .02 wt / Chenille (olive)
Hackle: Whiting Bugger pack
Tail: Marabou olive blood quill

2. Tying a Better Woolly Bugger

Youtube Video by: Curtis Fry

Original Recipe:

Hook: Allen s402 #6
Body: Black/Red Chenille
Thread: UTC ultrathread Black 70
Ribbing: UTC Ultrawire, Copper-Brown, BR
Hackle: Black Schlappen Hackle
Tail: Black Marabou

3. The Woolly Bugger – tied by Hans Weilenmann

Youtube Video by: Hans Weilenmann

Original Recipe:

Hook: Partridge Stronghold Long Shank #10
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
Hackle: Cock saddle hackle, badger
Rib: Wire, silver
Tail: Fluey barbs, dyed scarlet
Body: Cactus chenille, brown

4. Krystal Bugger Fly Tying Instructions – How To Tie Krystal Woolly Bugger Fly

Youtube Video by: InTheRiffle

Original Recipe:

Hook: Lightning Strike SN1 (streamer/nymph) size 12
Thread: UTC silver/grey 70
Body: Lead wire .02 wt / Chenille (Ice)
Ribbing: Silver wire
Hackle: White/black pattern
Tail: White Marabou

5. Fly Tying a Black Wooly Bugger with Jim Misiura

Youtube Video by: Jim Misiura

Original Recipe:

Hook: Mustad 3906 b size 6
Thread: Black UNI thread 50
Body: Lead wire .025 wt / Chenille (black)
Hackle: black hen saddle
Tail: Black Marabou (add strands of flash when tying in)


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