The top three freshwater fly lines that you should have on your fly reel

flyfishforfunChoosing the right rod and reel are critical to your fly fishing success, but many new fly anglers don’t realize just how important having the right fly line is. Not only is it critical to have a fly line that has the qualities that your fly fishing adventure requires, such as floatability, it is also essential that you use a high quality line that won’t let you down when you hook a monster. With so many different types of fly lines available, it can be a challenge to know which will serve you best. Not only do you need to find a fly line with the properties you require, but you also need to find one that is high quality and will serve you well. We’ve taken the time to outline three of the best fly lines currently available for freshwater use.

  1. RIO Perception

Rio PerceptionThe Rio Perception fly line retails for $89.95, and it’s certainly worth every cent. This floating line is relatively new to the market but has already received several accolades in 2013 and 2014 for its superior performance. The Perception line from RIO has several features that leave it heads and shoulders above its competitors. This line is constructed from ultra-low stretch “ConnectCore” material that aims to provide optimal line sensitivity, allowing for more rapid detection when your fly is taken, and an equally faster response time. The reduced stretch level of this line means that when a fish hits your fly, the line itself absorbs less of the energy, which is how the Perception line allows you to respond faster. Another neat feature of the latest line from RIO is the SureFire tri-color system, which provides different colors for different regions of the line, providing anglers with greater depth perception than and a more accurate judgment of distance than a fly fishing has ever been able to deliver. Find the best price here.

  1. Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Streamer Express

Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Streamer Express Fly LineThe Mastery is one of the best quality fly lines designed for subsurface fishing that it’s possible to own. This line is designed with a sink tip, ensuring that you can still see a majority of your line and providing you with more control in terms of how far your fly sinks. The line is heavy and strong enough to work well in wind and other challenging conditions, stiff enough to provide a strong delivery, and perfectly tapered for fast casting and better than ever accuracy. Scientific Anglers use Advance Shooting Technology (AST) to ensure that the line sheds dirt, algae and any other particles that come in contact with the Mastery, keeping your line clean and letting it float higher in the water. For $89.95, this sink-tip line is a purchase you will never regret. Find the best price here.

  1. Orvis Hydros 3D

Orvis Hydros 3DThe Hydros 3D is a fantastic line from Orvis, and one of the best textured lines on the market. Textured lines have rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years, and as technology improves they are only becoming better, as shown when it comes to the Hydros 3D. The premise behind a textured line is simple – a textured coating on the outer layer of fly line reduces friction when the line is running through the guides on the rod, in turn increasing the ability of the line to shoot out from the rod, and providing you with a more powerful cast for less effort. This is certainly the case when it comes to the Hydros 3D, which is the most technologically advanced textured line currently available, and bypasses many of the issues seen with earlier textured lines, such as problems with roll casting and wearing down rod guides. What’s more, the aggressive weight forward taper that this line brags provides even more power, making this an incredibly easy line to cast. If you’re looking to delve into the world of textured lines, the Hydros 3D from Orvis is a must buy for $95.00. Find the best price here.


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